Sex Testing

banner_300x250It’s important that growers and breeders who grow from seed are able to identify male from female plants. Traditional means can cost time, space, and resources, especially when you are dealing with limitations on the number of plants you can cultivate.

The Good Lab has partnered with Phylos Bioscience to offer genetic sex testing of seedlings. Sampling cards are used to collect a smear of plant tissue from seedlings, then they are submitted for genetic determination of sex. Phylos can differentiate between male and female plants within days of germination. Accuracy is nearly 100% with results available within 48 hours of receipt of the samples.

Watch the video to see how easy it is! Then order your sampling cards today!

Visit the Phylos Bioscience website for more information.

Early Sex Determination – reduce time and effort on seedling cultivation. Don’t wait! Order your sampling cards today!

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