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The Good Lab

2501 W. Colorado Ave. #200
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Call or Text: (720) 245-8323


The contact form below is a quick and convenient way to reach us at The Good Lab. (New Customers, please complete our New Account Information Form.)

Our office is located in the Old Colorado City area on the west side of Colorado Springs. We are in Suite 200 on the second floor of the Old Town Center at 2501 W Colorado Avenue. We are handicapped accessible. The doors in the center (Uchenna Restaurant) lead to stairs or the elevator. There are doors to stairs at each end of the building. Main doors may be locked after 5:00 pm. If so, please call or text us at 720 245 8323 and we’ll let you in.

When you submit a sample to The Good Lab, please print and complete our Chain of Custody form and send it with your sample.